Women Empowerment

In many countries, including parts of India, women are the most underutilized resource. We aim to empower healthy, educated, and confident women to become “engines of development.”

In 1996, AHM Trust initiated a program to motivate women to form self-help groups in order to help solve their socioeconomic problems. Several well-established women's groups joined together to form a Women’s Group Federation. As a result, a savings and credit program was created for the poor to provide a fair method of borrowing money at an affordable interest rate.



The objective of the microfinance program is to increase the income levels of families. Many live below the poverty line and this program makes it easier to take loans for the purpose of animal rearing, small shops, or businesses. Today many groups are actively producing marketable products locally. 


Empower Women Federation (Sakthi Pengal Kuttamaipu)

The Sakthi Pengal Kuttamaipu has a total membership of 7,305 women. The Federation groups handle many issues like women's emancipation, women's rights, non-violence, political representation, and economic improvement.