How You Can Help

We work in our communities to help break the cycle of poverty by:

  1. Protecting children from infancy through early adulthood.
  2. Providing women with vocational training, business loans, and legal advice.
  3. Providing the elderly a safe and loving home.
  4. Improving health through early detection and control of infectious diseases.

Your support can change the life of one child, one woman, or one elder. Or it could change an entire community.


Sponsor a Child


In India's poor communities, one child in every five suffers from hunger and starvation; half of all schoolchildren are forced to drop out to work. Child sponsorship brings hope and change to the lives of children living in poverty. Contributions provide nutritious meals and help keep children in school or educate those who drop out.  Read more →

Support Women


In rural India, women are often suppressed and marginalized. Your support can help us provide vocational training, legal advice, and business loans to help them make a life for themselves on their own terms. Read more →

Help the Elderly


In traditional Indian families, the elderly are typically cared for by their family members. Due to modernization and more working women, the need for senior homes has grown. To address this need we provide accommodation, food, medical care, and psychological support in order to bring dignity and a decent quality of life to those who are over 60 years old. Read more →

Aid for Medical Care


Dharmathupatti is a remote and rural village. Lack of infrastructure, education, and basic knowledge of hygiene among this poor community greatly increases the risk of contagious diseases. We focus on prevention through education and also free treatment of existing illnesses, along with providing medicine at low cost.  Read more →