Medical Care

We attend to the needs of all patients who seek our help. We emphasize prevention as the most effective way of improving the general health of the population.



Our Community Health Program is focused on these three components:

•  Health Education
•  Reproductive Health
•  Community-based Care and Support
•  Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Prevention of many health issues begins with awareness and education, which takes many forms, including street theater, videos, door-to-door activities, community outreach, exercise classes, and school programs. These activities provide a good platform to create awareness about health issues in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. 



Anuradha Clinic, situated on A.H.M. campus, is the heart of the medical care program. Four doctors, three nurses, and about twelve paramedical staff treat more than 100 patients daily.

Depending on their ability to pay, patients get free or subsidized health care and medication. Referral and funding is provided if hospitalization or specialized treatment is required.

Although awareness about the prevention of infectious diseases has increased as a result of our efforts, treatment of diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS continues to be an important part of our work.


Government Partnerships

National Tuberculosis  Control Program

Recognized by the government of India, the staff and volunteers of our Microscopy and Treatment Center use the direct observed treatment (DOT) approach. 

Patient Counseling Center

As part of the state-wide Tamil Nadu Health System Project (TNHSP), we established a counseling center at the Bodinayakanur government hospital in 2006, providing round-the-clock services to people in need.

Emergency Ambulance Service

As part of the TNHSP we also provide life-saving first aid services to the patients of Bodinayakanur. Two drivers and two nurses, well-versed with basic life-saving skills, provide 24-hour service working in shifts.

Polio Awareness Camps

These are conducted in collaboration with the government to increase awareness and to prevent polio.