Funded initially by the personal resources of a few individuals, the activities of the Trust are today supported by the Indian government, international development agencies, NGOs, and charitable organizations from several countries.

The financial affairs of the Trust are audited regularly. The continuing support from organizations with high standards of accountability is testimony to the good stewardship of resources provided by others.

We pride ourselves on having a dedicated and motivated team and a committed Board of Trustees. We are deeply grateful to all our well-wishers, supporters, individual donors, and to the Miriam Dean Fund in England, the Arokia Freundschaftskreis in Germany, The Caring Fund of St. Bernard's Parish in the United States, Catholic Relief Services, India, Creating smiles, Germany and also to the Tamil Nadu and Central Government. They all are financially supporting the work of the Trust and have been generous with their advice

How can you Help?

We work in the communities and provide them support to enable them to break the circle of poverty. Your support can change the life of a child or a woman and a community.

  1. involving ourselves in child protection and welfare from their early age till they can stand on their own feet. This begins with looking after the abandoned babies, providing shelter and education to neglected children, giving scholarships for higher education and offering vocational training in our own institute to needy boys and girls.
  2. promoting better health, early detection of deceases  and effective control of infective ailments like tuberculosis, leprosy and HIV/AIDS both infected and affected.
  3. helping the community in its efforts for development, through women self help groups, organizing awareness programmes, providing loans and vocational training, free legal aid etc.

Sponsor a child:

One in every five children in India suffers from hunger and starvation in poor communities.  Half of all children who go to schools are forced to leave education before they turn 14 due to poverty.  Child sponsorship is a wonderful way to bring hope and change in the lives of the child living in poverty.  We shall be very grateful to receive your help in any form. With just Five hundred rupee a month you can sponsor an orphan child or educate a school dropout or train a young girl or a boy from poor families, who would otherwise have no chance to come out of their miserable life of scarcity and insecurity.

Sponsor a poor child under Home Sponsorship Program  for a month       : Rs.500
Sponsor a adolescent boy or a girl under vocational Training programme   : Rs.1000
Sponsor an orphan child under the Care of  the NesaKarnagal
Children’s Home  for a month
: Rs.1500
Sponsor a Poor boy or a girl to continue the Higher studies under Higher  education scholarships program : Rs.1000
Sponsor a poor HIV / AIDS infected or affected person under Nutritional   supplement  Program   for a month : Rs.500   
Sponsor a poor woman to save from the Domestic violence under Free Legal Aid service or Providing Vocational training  for a month : Rs.1000

Become a donor:

India,  after  the  independence,  managed  to still  the  hunger  of  millions  of  people.
Inspite of this, there are still several million Indians who lack sufficient calories and protein to grow healthy in mind and body. Many still go hungry to bed and the battle to secure food for miserably poor people in our country is far from won.

Another form of hunger, which is equally prevalent, is the quest for knowledge and education.Villages in India are underdeveloped, health services are extremely inefficient, schools are over crowded and lack modern methods of learning. After finishing the school or college many students from poor families have no other option other than taking up any available work to survive. We need to provide our young people, not only education but also necessary training and skills to earn their living.

Your donations can help them fight poverty and look towards a better future.  With our approach of supporting poor people to insist on their rights equipped with better knowledge and better traning your donations will give them the required confidence and financial health to change their lives.