Education plays an indispensable part in development:

  • Men and women without relevant education are more likely to be victims than “engines” of development;
  • The unemployed and the unemployable are unlikely to share the benefits of economic development;
  • Men and women without skills are less likely to find durable employment;
  • Illiterate men and women are unlikely to understand fully their rights and obligations in society

People uninformed about the consequences of inadequate sanitary conditions and bad hygiene are prone to debilitating illness.

Education is the major aspect of child welfare and development. We therefore provide help to the children of poor families with school fees, free books, note books and school uniforms. Financial help is also given  to dissuade the parents to send their children to work.

Education is the key to any development. We therefore support children of poor Families with monthly

scholarships or direct payments for school books, notebooks, uniforms etc. Every year we buy several hundred notebooks for distribution to the children of poor families. Some of these programs are still small, but they demonstrate that change is possible. Over time, thousands of disadvantaged women and children will benefit.

Home sponsorship

Under the Home Sponsorship Programme, we supply dhal, grains and eggs worth Rs.500/- to parents of children in need. The follow-up work is carried out by field workers. This program has helped prevent female infanticide, allowed children to stop working and attend school, get children back to school who had dropped out, and has helped poor families meet the cost of education.


Higher Education Scholarship

The objective of this Scholarship Programme is to provide the possibility for higher and technical education to children of families living below poverty line. This programme is applicable for diploma and undergraduate courses for professional and general. The scholarship amount of Rs.1000/- per month will be provided for Tuition fees, Library Fees, Hostel fees etc.,

Vocational Training for School Leavers

The school dropouts are reintegrated in the school or are encouraged to learn skills.

Lack of practical skills has kept young men and women from finding employment. In an effort to make school leavers more employable, the Trust started on January 1, 2008 to offer vocational training for school leavers. The first three courses are in carpentry, electricity and electronics, and computer skills. Courses take 52 to 104 weeks and have 15 participants at a time. The course participants pay a nominal fee of Rs.1000/- year. The Government of Tamil Nadu has asked us to train 30 girls in tailoring at its expense. 

For all course, we follow a curriculum provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The courses are given in a new building donated by the Miriam Dean Fund in the UK, and funding for the first three years was provided by the Caring Fund of St. Bernard’s Parish in US.

Carpentry Training Electrician Training
Computer Training Tailoring Training