Care for the Disadvantaged

Compassion for the weak is an important function of a humane society and development process. A society that does not care, in particular, for its disabled members – from birth, by illness, neglect or accident – is prone to tolerate abuses and discrimination.

Child Protection and Welfare

Child- helpline and home for women and children:

Besides Medical Care, Community Health and Empowerment of women our another goal is Child Protection and Welfare.

For this purpose in the year 2004 we established a 24 hours Child Helpline. Any child or a woman needing help can approach our Centre any time of the day or night. The Theni–Centre is located in the district town of Theni. The office is situated centrally on a main road and very easily approachable.

Any one in need receives immediate attention and help. We work together with the local police, government- and charity hospital as well as social welfare board and other NGOs ( non-government organization), to render optimal service.

Those who need shelter, are admitted in our home for women and children. This home has a capacity to admit 40 people. Many women admitted in the home find immediate attention and solace with the presence of many lively children around. The children, on the other hand are looked after and cared for by the women.

To rehabilitate a person back to their family or their surrounding is our aim. Amongst the children admitted, many have spent years on the street or they come from families who are so impoverished that they do not have any home worth the name. Some children have run away from their abusive parents or relations or the exploitative employers. The school dropout also count to our contingent and we mostly manage to reintegrate them in the school.

Those children who can not go back to the school,because they were too long away from the school, are encouraged do learn skills. For this we also have our own training centers.

(see under sections Education and training and Empowerment of women).